BED OF A NUN – “Bullet Thoughts” – official single from the upcoming album "Waiting For A Visit"

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12.11.2015Release News

BED OF A NUN – "Bullet Thoughts” - first official single from the upcoming new album "Waiting For A Visit" of the band from Austria - official release date: 04th of December 2015

BED OF A NUN are bringing the singer-songwriter style back to the present – with heavy elements, but at all times charged with emotions. Music for the quiet listener and poet, music for the heavy rocker late at night.

Founded only last year in Salzburg by the Austrian rock icons Günter Maier (ex-U8, ex-STYGMA IV, ex-CRIMSON CULT) and Lem Enzinger (ex-U8, ex-SCHUBERT, ex-NO BROS, ex-DOS BASTARDOS) and then completed by Alex Hilzensauer and Peter Bachmayer to form a band, BED OF A NUN present twelve gems of songwriting with their debut album. These songs are the musical conversions of twelve poems by Lem Enzinger. Eleven of them are based on his personal near death experience, the twelfth song is dedicated to the Austrian painter Anton Christian, whose paintings had an essential influence to the development of this album.

Lem Enzinger was virtually able to win over the last line-up of CRIMSON CULT for his musical vision, because bassist Alex Hilzensauer (ex-BIG HEAT, ex-STYGMA IV, ex-DOS BASTARDOS) and drummer Peter Bachmayer (WORLD COME DOWN, ex-DOS BASTARDOS) also were part of CRIMSON CULT’s final line-up. BED OF A NUN on the contrary play melancholic rock – and with Enzinger’s voice being very touching the listener will be tempted to award the fictive Johnny Cash Rock Award. However, with songs like 'bullet thoughts' or 'jesus on a bicycle' there are enough songs breaking the acoustic boundaries and they are also letting the electric guitar shine with its magnificent play. These songs are perfectly complemented by rhythmical very interesting performed songs like 'deathless while' and 'frozen'. And at least when Enzinger sings about the upcoming end in 'the last song' – see the Eiffel Tower and die – even the hardest rocker will shed a tear. At the same time all songs have an incredible epic profoundness which doesn’t only give them all that certain something but will most likely also let them last for all times. This is acoustic big screen cinema of highest quality.

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