NO BROS – “Legends Of The Eighties” – official single from the upcoming album "Metal Marines“

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14.11.2015Release News

NO BROS – “Legends Of The Eighties” - first official single from the upcoming new studio album "Metal Marines" of the band from Austria - official release date: 20th of November 2015

Whoever starts his career with a live album called „Heavy Metal Party“ may stay on that party for the rest of his life. For more than 40 years the Austrians NO BROS dedicated their lives to Metal. And there is still no end in sight for the best known hard and heavy combo of their country. After the comeback album „Hungry For The Good Times“ was released on their own nine years ago, their new work „Metal Marines“ comes out on Pure Rock Records. The re-release of the two classics „Ready For The Action“ and „Heavy Metal Party“ by Karthago Records was just a foretaste, because Klaus Schubert and his fellows are almost in their original line-up. „Legends Of The Eighties“ is dedicated to the own legend as well as the Deep Purple sound of that age and one of the first duels between a Hammond organ and a guitar. The strings and keys are rough-handled until they smoke. By hitting the high notes in the song „Back Again“ NO BROS prove to be back in business stronger than ever.

Songs like „Devil With An Angel's Face“ and the potential hit „Written In Fire“ sound so light-footed like only IAN GILLAN could have been with his solo works. With „Dance Of The Black Tattoo“ everyone, who listens to MAGNUM and ROUGH SILK in sacred hours, gets down to his knees in awe and enjoys these celestial tones.

Neither inventive songs with the organ like „Song Number Nine“ nor the beautifully melodic and first-class hard rock in „Runaway Girl“ nor the outstanding „A Night In Touch City“ must be missing. Since a ballad should be on a big hard rock album as well, „Find Myself“ delivers this aspect.

For the cherry on top the album includes the melancholic „Dark Chamber“ which is on the upcoming promotional single „Legends Of The Eighties“.
Everyone who considered the last album a milestone should listen to the new one first.

NO BROS “Legends Of The Eighties” @ PURE ROCK soundcloud

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