VULGAR DEVILS – “Temptress Of The Dark” – official single from the album "Temptress Of The Dark" – release date 02nd December 2016

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22.11.2016Release News

VULGAR DEVILS  – “Temptress Of The Dark” – official single from the album "Temptress Of The Dark" - official release date: 02nd of December 2016 by PURE ROCK RECORDS

VULGAR DEVILS is the latest signing of Pure Rock Records.

But the members of the US American are not unknown. The trio was founded by singer and guitarist Dave Overkill, known to be the head of the Cleveland Power/Thrash legend DESTRUCTOR. As Vulgar Dave Overkill he has also been able to win an old bandmate, Matt Flammable, for the position of the drummer. The bass position finally is filled with Erin Lung (VENOMIN JAMES).
Together they worship to the spirit of old times and open the gate to the early 80s, when the music and the musicians were still young. And so they play early 80s metal, that has been touched by 70s hard rock, and a lot of groove in a rough and rolling way. Mixed and mastered by Michael Kusch from the QuSound Studio Hagen Germany.
Therefore, their debut, 'Temptress of The Dark', will appeal all Brothers and Sisters in arms, who want to feel their metal full of energy and devotion.


„Temptress of the Dark“ – VULGAR DEVILS @ PURE ROCK RECORDS soundcloud

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