SPEED LIMIT - Releaseparty on 7th October 2017

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30.08.2017Live News

On October 7th, 2017 SPEED LIMIT will present their new album "Anywhere We Dare" at Rockhouse Salzburg at their release party. As special guests is the Austrian Band CATWALK on stage.

Tickets are available at www.rockhouse.at.

Back in the rough sea of traditional heavy metal Speed Limit arise with their new album „Anywhere We Dare“. Gone the days of cheasy hairmetal or AOR attitude – Speed Limit are pushing hard come hell or high water without leaving the path of earcatching melodies and tasty variety. „Strike as long as the iron is hot“ the key quote from the song „Good Year For Bad Habits“ can be taken as guiding theme through an album that will pass the test of time. A witches`brew - each sip a hardrocking pleasure trip. A fountain of youth of a metalband running wild more than 30 years.

Speed Limit started their crusade mid 1980s with records like „Unchained“ and „Prophecy“ as one of the pioneers of Austrian Heavy Metal. Often compared to NWOBHM- and early US-Metal heroes they got signed to the german label „Pure-Rock-Records“, which releases „Anywhere We Dare“ on October, 6th 2017 worldwide.

Manuel Brettl – vocals
Chris Angerer – guitars
Joe Eder – guitars
Chris Pawlak – bass
Hannes Vordermayer – drums